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Registration for German tax purposes and initial tax structuring

We will take care of all your registration issues. For example, we will file notice of either your business or branch established in Germany and will prepare the opening / idenfication questionnaire for the fiscal authority in charge. Furthermore, we will apply for your German tax identification number (Steuernummer) aswell as your EC VAT identification number (VAT ID resp. VAT REG).

During this process we will advise you on initial VAT decisions to be made aswell as on basic principles of how to determine your domestic taxable income and how to minimise your German tax leakage. If necessary, we will support you in finding a beneficial way to split your taxable profits between Germany and your home country - based on the double tax treaty / double tax agreement in effect.

Annual tax compliance

We could support you in fulfilling all of your German tax return duties properly, especially with respect to filing of all kinds of German tax returns for natural persons, partnerships and corporations. Common examples are:

  • annual Income Tax returns (Einkommensteuererklärung),
  • annual Corporate Tax returns (Körperschaftsteuererklärung),
  • annual Trade Tax returns (Geweerbesteuererklärung),
  • annual VAT returns (Umsatzsteuererklärung),
  • monthly or quarterly preliminary VAT returns (Umsatzsteuervoranmeldungen) and OSS (One-Stop-Shop) services .

Special tax services

Beside this we could support you in a broad variety of typical tax related services for nonresident taxpayers, especially:

  • applications for partial or full Withholding Tax refund (foreither for capital gains, interest or royalties),
  • applications for a future Withholding Tax relief (for either capital gains, interest or royalties) or
  • applications for Input VAT refunds or
  • registration OSS (One-Stop-Shop) services .


We are a long-established and frequently recommended, independent consulting partnership that guarantees high class tax and economic consulting services. All of our partners are Certified Tax Advisors (Steuerberater) and it is our aim, through tax and business advice, to minimise your effective tax burden in the long term, so that you are always satisfied with the economic value added by our services.

We combine our tax expertise with economic competence in all relevant aspects of economic life. We advise especially small and medium-sized enterprises, family businesses, high net worth individuals as well as charitable institutions.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Of course, we will handle your request discretly.